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Latest update: 2018-04-01 20:39 (Europe/Berlin)

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Saygus V2 with Wi-HD receiver Saygus V2 app drawer Saygus V2 bootanimation Saygus V2 evolution Saygus V2 back side Saygus V2 open back with battery

News & Notes

Photo of three Saygus V2s

Facts & Features




In order to start the development, we (the Saygus V² community) will have to wait until we receive our devices, so that we can gather detailed information about the exact hardware, kernel, recovery, etc.

See a guide for porting CM here: Cyanogenmod Guide

Device specifications

Information taken from screenhots/videos found on the internet (state: mid 2015).


As soon as the V² is released, I will try to collect all useful resources and links here.
Maybe you will also find a CyanogenMod, Sailfish OS, Firefox OS or Ubuntu Touch here. But we'll see. ;)

For any additions, corrections, appreciations or complaints, please contact me.