Saygus at CeBIT 2016

Q&A on March 18th

Photo of a Saygus V2

During this year's CeBIT at Hannover (Germany) I did another Q&A session with Saygus and asked them your questions. Even though I had to skip or combine some of the questions, to keep things short, we got answers to more than 25 of them. Thanks for all your questions and your support!


When is the final deadline for Indiegogo contributors to recieve their phones?

There is no final dealine, the pre ordered VSQUARED's will be shipped as soon as they are ready.

Will there be any additional bonus?

As already mentioned here, the planned bonuses for pre orderers are: SqGl ear buds, an additional protective cover, a spare battery and 50% off on the next generation device.

When is the FCC certification scheduled? Has it already begun?

The FCC certification process will be started with the recently built devices in the next weeks.

Will the V2 be beta tested before shipping to pre orderers?

Yes, there will be a beta testing before the final devices are shipped to the customers.

Will the V2 be sent to third parties for review before the pre orders get mailed out or will they be sent out together?

Some media outlets will receive a review unit first. Customers will be receiving their VSQUARED at the same time or shortly afterwards.

Are there any unknowns which may throw off the release schedule such as FCC certification?

Yes, certification issues and other unknowns can still certainly impact the release schedule.

Functionality & Compatibility

Is it possible to replace the SD cards without powering the phone off?

Yes, but you will have to properly unmount the SD cards before removal. Otherwise you risk damaging your SD card and its filesystem.

When connected to a PC, what protocols will be available? Will I see internal/SD memory as a standard drive?

The behaviour depends on the operating system you are using. On Android you can choose between charging only, data transfer (MTP) and photo transfer (PTP) mode.

Will the V2 be able to stream a whole cinema movie over WiHD with one battery?

Assuming that you're battery is sufficiently charged, you can expect to watch your Full-HD cinema movie until the end without the need to charge your phone in between. By lowering the phone brightness and minimizing background processes you can further extend the battery life of your VSQUARED.

Is it possible to connect the VSQUARED to a USB 3.0 docking station?

Yes. With such a docking station you can have monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, external drives and even ethernet connected to the VSQUARED through the USB 3.x port.

Are there any other benefits of USB 3.0 in addition to faster transfer speeds and the docking possibilty?

Yes, USB 3.0 also brings faster charging, better connection options to other devices and a faster transfer speed. In addition to that the connector is more durable than the previous ones and can be also plugged in upside down.


Will I be able to operate the phone when submerged under water (i.e. taking photos)?

Not really, because the capacitive screen technology is recognizing water contact as a touch and can't differentiate between the water and your finger.

With the back cover removed, will the phone be safe to be submerged under water?

Yes, it will be safe to submerge the VSQUARED, even with the back cover removed.

Will operating the phone in a shower cause any problem, such as playing music while water is being sprayed on it?

It is possible to operate the VSQUARED under the shower. The water splashes don't affect the screen as much as a constant stream or full submersion do.

What is the warranty on the waterproof function?

Saygus guarantees against manufacturing defects. Any other warranty has still to be determined.

Saygus V2 Saygus V2 Saygus V2 Saygus V2 Saygus V2

Operating Systems and Multi-Boot

Will there be a Windows 10 version?

The VSQUARED supports booting other OS'es, which have been adapted for it and it depends on the software provider, if the device will be supported by a particular OS.

Will the performance of booting from SD card be slower than booting from internal storage?

Yes. The SD card sacrifices speed and reliability for cost effectiveness and storage space as opposed to the internal storage. The internal storage uses a different technology than the SD cards and is connected directly to the board.

If the device has booted from SD card and that SD card is accidentally removed from the phone, will this damage the phone or any part of the internal circuit board?

Removing the SD card during operation will not damage the phone, but you should be aware that the card and its filesystem may be corrupted.

My friend told me that other OS'es may not work well or won't be compatible with the Saygus V2, since they need to be tweaked and optimized. Is that true?

Yes. You can only run OS'es which have been adjusted to the VSQUARED's hardware and include proper drivers for each component.


When I have two sim cards inserted into the V2 and both lines are active, how do I know which line's data is being used by my app?

Android requires you to choose one of the two SIM cards as a default data line. Other OS'es may offer a different solution for this.

Is there a way to setup so that app #1 to app #5 to use line #1 data and app #6 to app #10 to use line #2 data?

No, this is not possible with the standard Android OS.

Does having both lines active drain down the battery a lot?

There isn't a significant increase of battery usage when using the dual-SIM feature.


Will there be changeable back covers available from Saygus?

Yes, they will be available after the release together with other accessories.

Does the Saygus V2 support stylus pen and is there any chance we can see a built-in stylus on V2 2.0?

The Saygus VSQUARED supports all common capacitive type stylus. The next version hasn't been completely planned yet, so it is still uncertain, if it will have a built-in stylus.

Will there be an extended battery pack with a special back cover available?

The design of the VSQUARED allows that kind of upgrades.

Other Questions

Is there a phone lanyard slot on the bottom?

Yes, there is a lanyard slot (or camera strap hole) at the botton of the device.

Amoled screens seems to be best in class, so will you use it on future Saygus phones?

The VSQUARED is using an IPS panel instead of an AMOLED screen, since the IPS panels are expected to have a longer lifetime and more realistic colors than AMOLED screens. The successor of the VSQUARED hasn't been completely planned yet.

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