My visit at Saygus' booth

at the CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Germany

Latest update: 2015-04-21 23:04 (Europe/Berlin)

Some days ago I noticed, that Saygus will have a booth at the CeBIT 2015 in Hannover in Germany this week (16.03. - 20.03.2015). As I had already planned to travel to Hannover for the CeBIT some month ago, I was quite happy about that fact and visited them there. Some of you may have noticed me 'being around the block' for a couple of weeks now at XDA developers and Twitter, so I collected your questions and asked them directly to Chad Sayers, who's one of the Cofounders of Saygus. The answers to all those questions you'll find below.

My first experiences with the Saygus V² at the CeBIT 2015. GO HERE

Saygus V2 with Wi-HD receiver Saygus V2 bottom Saygus V2 Saygus V2 Saygus V2 Saygus V2 bottom

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Questions about the company/business

How many employees do you have?

Saygus has right now about 30-50 employees in Utah and some in China to monitor and accompany the hardware manufacturing and software development process.

Communication issues

A lot of your early supporters, the people who pre ordered the device, are getting worried, sad or even angry, because for more than a month there haven't been any updates on the actual state of the phone and the progress that has been made during this time.

Saygus is aware of this issue and they promised me, that they are willing to improve that from now on. They are focused that much on the device and getting the best out of it, that they missed the communication with their customers.

Plans of partnering with local retailers?

Saygus is working with many local carriers and distributors even in non-US countries to partner with and will inform you about the details, when everything is fixed. They are already an approved OEM for Verizon.

Is the additional stuff per order or per device?

The additional battery, screen protector and the SqGl ear buds will be shipped with each device. Please keep in mind, that only those who pre-registered before ordering and used the "v2preorder" coupon code, will get the additional battery and screen protector.

Chad at MobileGeeks Chad at MobileGeeks Chad at MobileGeeks Chad at MobileGeeks

Questions about the Device

USB 2.0/3.0 mystery

In the last few days there has been a lot of uncertainty about the USB connector, as it' not clearly defined in the spec sheet.

They choose the USB 2.0 connector as it's more widespread and more commonly used. The lacking data transfer rate in comparison to the newer 3.0 connector should be compensated through some optimization they made to the "normal" USB 2.0 connector.


Camera mystery

Not only USB connector was an unsure specification the past days, but also the camera. Sharp, Sony, what?!

To clarify things a bit: It is and will stay a Sony sensor.
For the camera as a whole thing the manufacturer may change, because of some major issues.

Video recording quality

On XDA there has been posted a ticket reply from one of your support guys, which is stating, that the camera will be able to capture at least 1080p video with 24fps - so no 4K?

Sure, the V² will be capable of recording 4K video. Saygus is relying on a Sony IMX230 sensor here.

Camera sample images

Some sample shots taken with the V²'s cameras will be available in the next weeks, so you'll be able to judge about the sensor's quality by yourselves.

Shipping delay - why?

Due to Chinese new year celebrations taking place in February and some unexpected problems arising, things got a bit off the expected time line. For example some antenna issues have been recognised and therefore the internal antenna has to be optimized.

SD card slots

Both microSD slots are supporting hot-swap and multi-boot, so you could have possibly three different OS's on the device. You will be able to swap microSD cards while the phone is running, without removing the battery.

What size does the SIM slot have?

It will be a Micro SIM slot.

Saygus V2 without back cover Saygus V2 without back cover Saygus V2 without back cover Saygus V2 without back cover Saygus V2 back cover Saygus V2 back cover with qi charging

At which price will the Wi-HD receiver be available?

The Wi-HD receiver will cost you about 50-80$. The final pricing will be available, once the receiver has been finished.

How is the IPX7 waterproofing accomplished

To get the phone waterproof, Saygus uses a nano coating technology provided by HzO. The PCB gets coated with a special material and by this you have a waterproof phone even without the need of sealing the inputs or the back cover. The Harman Kardon speakers are water resistant and in order to get them working again, after your phone had a short bath, you need to shake them just a little, so you get the water out.

Multi-Boot and BIOS

By the time the V² gets shipped, there will be an integrated recovery system delivered with it, to boot into the different operating systems.

What about the speakers?

Those Harman Kardon speakers are fully working, waterresistant and give an amazing sound quality. But you'll notice that by yourself, once you receive the device.

AnTuTu Benchmark of the device?

About 34.000, maybe even more. Detailed benchmark output may be coming in the next weeks.

Support for aptX?

Not in this version of the device.

What's about those 'SqGl' ear buds/headset mentioned in your latest email?

It's an own product of Saygus and will be available together with the other accessories, when the phone ships. There will be less expensive in ears added in the box with every device, so the gift for the pre-orderers is like a big upgrade of the original packaging.
More details about the SqGl (pronounced “Squiggle”) will be published by Saygus soon.

Bootanimation of the V²

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