My first experiences with the V²

during my visit at the CeBIT 2015 in Hannover, Germany

Latest update: 2015-03-24 23:29 (Europe/Berlin)

Photo of a Saygus V2

After my visit at Saygus' booth at the CeBIT 2015 a lot of people on XDA and Facebook have asked me about my experiences and feelings about the V² devices I have seen there and been able to get my hands on. Since it took me some hours of work and totally messed up my normal day and work planning, I just wasn't able to manage all that things at once. So after I've finally got my sleep back again, I'll try to describe and sum up my experiences I had with the manufacturing samples that Saygus has shown at the CeBIT.

Those of you, who are around on Facebook and XDA may already know some parts of the following text, since I didn't completely rewrite it.

Look and feel

The phone comes quite handy, as you can easily reach the right/left side of the device with your fingertips, while holding it and thus it can be grabbed without breaking your fingers and you can hold it tight while using it. It isn't only lying on your fingers, as other, larger devices do. The Kevlar back feels really valuable and soft, as it's structured and you get a way better grip as e.g. on Samsung or HTC flagship devices with slippery plastic or aluminum back covers. Furthermore the V² doesn't make strange sounds, when adding some pressure to it or trying to bend it.

Fingerprint, camera and screen

Those devices shown in Hannover were also the 3rd manufacturing samples. Fingerprint reader wasn't working on any of those, as manufacturers failed to get them in the right position. Even the cameras didn't work, because of unfulfilled promises by the manufacturer and camera components breaking, while assembling the devices. As I've been told, Saygus is planning to move production from China to Utah soon, in order to support local companies and get better build quality. The 1920x1080 LCD screen delivers a crispy sharp image, is bright and you can't determine the single pixels anymore, since it has such a high PPI density.


About the buttons I have some mixed feelings, because they are not that solid and the switches feel very different between the prototype devices. But I'm sure the final batch will have better switches and maybe even some structure added on top of the buttons to identify them correctly, if you cant see them.


The software which was installed on the devices was a vanilla KitKat without any special or visible additions, except the Wi-HD software. I transferred the AnTuTu benchmark app via Bluetooth to one of the devices and got a score of 35090 with it, but it has been a 2GB RAM version if correctly remember that. The final devices will be shipped with 3GB of RAM storage then.

Wireless HD or Wi-HD

As well as many others, who have been to the Saygus booth at CES, MWC or CeBIT I've also been able to test the Wi-HD feature. It is just awesome and you get the whole screen beamed 1:1 to the TV without any noticeable delay. Images, Videos, Games or anything that is on your smartphone screen. Absolutely impressive!


Let's finally talk about the speakers. The speakers are really nice! I've had the chance, to test them with my own tracks on the V² and compare the sound to my RAZR HD and the Galaxy Note 2. The both Harman Kardon speakers of the V² deliver a very good sound for a mobile device and they don't need a table or something else to give a great sound. They're not yelling like the two other devices' speakers and don't overdrive, when you put the volume up to the highest setting. All in all they produce a well balanced audio for my flavour.


After about 30 minutes of testing and using I have been very impressed by the V² prototype and I'm looking forward to seeing the final device 'in the wild'.
I think the wait until 22nd of May will be worth it! :-)