cirrus7 lightshow script

that's why the cirrus7 one is awesome!

Photo of the cirrus7 one

Some years ago I won a cirrus7 one at the christmas raffle of the german blog

Besides the outstanding hardware composition in this device, the performance it delivers and the low energy consumption, it has also LEDs inside.
Those LEDs can be controlled via a small tool provided by cirrus7 and thus their colors can be changed. But you are limited to a clear defined set of standard colors and there are no special transition effects available, so I decided to extend it.

The official cirrus7 Light-Commander Arduino firmware and some docs can be found on GoogleCode.

The wmb_LightControl consists of a small Python wrapper for the USB serial connection and a PHP file, which provides the main functionality.

Version 0.4.6 (2013-03-13) implements:

Download the latest version of wmb_LightControl here.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me! :)

For those who are interested, I wrote two reviews about the cirrus7 one for

# Simple LightControl script for cirrus7 LED panels
# Version: 0.4.6-BETA (12-02-2013)
# (c) by Andreas Erhard 2011-2013
# WischMoB Solutions 

usage:  mode [options]

    Colors: r,g,b,c,y,w,p,o (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow, White, Pink, Off)
        use 'x' for random color

    - on: switch the LEDs on and set color to blue
        on [color]
    - off: switch the LEDs off
    - lightshow: execute a random-color-change-loop 
        lightshow [number of loops] [fade msec.] [sleep sec.]
    - blink: simple blinking effect
        blink [color] [number] [fade msec.] [sleep sec.] [interrupt (y/n)]
    - bluered: light animation with red and blue
        bluered [number] [fade msec.]   
    - rgb: special rgb color animation
        rgb [number] [sleep msec.]

     blink r 25 1 0
     blink x 15 2 1 n
     lightshow 5 30 25
     on rrrrbbbbgggg
     on cyr